Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

Come See Us!

Grace Lutheran is a group of dedicated people who want to honor our Savior Jesus Christ and encourage each other to grow in our walk with Him. We’ve put together some information here to briefly answer some of your concerns you may have prior to visiting Grace for the first time.

Before the Service begins, the Pastor will ask for any special prayer requests of the congregation.  Our worship is liturgical, the music and worship are built around timeless Biblical themes.

We will not embarrass visitors by asking them to stand to introduce themselves.   We are glad to have you join us in worship!

What Are Our Services Like?

Whether it is our hymnal, prayer or preaching, God’s word is at the center of all of our gatherings. The sermons are built on God’s Word, not the pastor’s ideas, and aim at increasing repentance, faith in forgiveness, and transforming our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.

Liturgical Services are printed out in Worship bulletins and hymns are sung from the “Lutheran Worship” Hymnal in the pews.


From the pulpit, you will hear sound descriptive preaching. The focus of each sermon is built around Law and Gospel as found in the Biblical text being addressed.

Biblical Teaching

Image result for bible background We place a high priority on the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. The worship service is a time for us to come together as a community to learn, be encouraged and be challenged by God’s Word. Other opportunities exist beyond the Sunday Worship Service where members have a chance to grow, fellowship, or otherwise be a part of a Church family that lives out their faith together.

Where Should I Park?

We have designated handicap parking along the front and along the side of the church. Both College Street and 7th Street provide ample space for our guests. Should you need special assistance, please contact the Church ahead of your visit at 217-671-1168.

Need handicap assistance?  Elevator lifts are located both by the outdoor front steps and also on the inside of the building.

Where Should I Go When I Enter The Building?

Once inside, we have a Welcome Center where you may have coffee and grab a snack.  We would love for you to electronically sign our guestbook. We have a welcome bag waiting for you and a special activity bag waiting for your smaller children. Our Resource Room is adjacent to the Welcome Center and you will find many helpful resources for your spiritual life.  A Restroom is located near the entrance of the Sanctuary including a diaper changing table for your convenience.

The Lower Level is our Connectivity Center where we have Bible Studies, activities, and meals.  A second restroom Is located there as well.

Family Friendly

We love families to worshipping together.  However, we know that sometimes  children may become a little restless and need a minute themselves. For those times we do have a small room at the back of the sanctuary featuring a large window where you may take your child/children and still be able to hear services. We also have a nursery room located downstairs where you may also choose to go with your child.  The Service can be heard audibly through a speaker.

What Should I Wear?

We are more concerned about you and your presence with us than we are with what you wear.