Holy Week

Holy Week

No other week in the Church year has so strong a feeling of special devotion. The eight days from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday immerse us in the central mystery of God’s work of salvation through the Lord’s death and resurrection.

“Elevated Thinking” Good Friday Sermon, Genesis 22

When God has something important He wants to point out, He elevates us to a mountain. Two of the most important events happened on a mountain named Mt. Moriah, where God points out His great and planned salvation!

“Remember Me” Luke 24 Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, Jesus Christ replaces the Passover remembrance with a meal telling us now to remember Him. Jesus is the true deliverer from the plagues of this world and is a better Savior than Moses. A comparison of the 10 plagues to 10 instances in Jesus’ life as our Savior.

“I AM BARABBAS!” Matthew 27:11-66

Barabbas was a notorious criminal with a special name. Jesus took his place on death row. Go beyond the surface of the history laid out here and put yourself in Barabbas’ shoes. You will never see this account in the same way again! I am Barabbas!